Whitlow finger (herpetic whitlow) is a painful finger infection caused by the herpes virus. It’s easy to handle, but it can return.

Anywhere on your finger a herpetic whitlow can appear, but it typically affects the top of your finger (fingertip).

Symptoms of Herpetic Whitlow include the following:

Swelling and finger pain
Finger blisters or sores
Red or darker skin than the normal skin tone

Treat whitlows with essential oils

Although whitlows seem a minor thing, they can be extremely painful and sore and can reappear during stressful times when immunity is low. Make up the following combination of oils:

Basic blend – topic

Thyme linalol 2 drops
Lemon3 drops
Geranium1 drop

Apply 1 undiluted drop around the affected area three times a day.

Once any pus has been dispersed, follow the same procedure three times per day but using 1 drop of the following combination:

Lavender 2 drops
Chamomile roman2 drops

Other Essential Oils That Could Be Used to Treat This Condition: tea tree, *manuka (Leptospermum scoparium), *chamomile german (Matricaria recutita), *benzoin (Styrax benzoin), *myrrh (Commiphora myrrha).


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