clary sage oil

CLARY SAGE essential oil

Type of plant: Biennial herb growing to 3 feet high with hairy stems, large, fragrant, velvety leaves, and lilac-pink flower spikes Part used: Flowering tops Method of extraction: Steam distillation Data: The plant material is distilled
cedarwood atlas

CEDARWOOD ATLAS essential oil

Cedrus atlantica (Plant Family: Pinaceae) Type of plant: An evergreen tree growing to over 100 feet, with wide-spreading branches, needles, and cones Part used: Wood chips and shavings Method of
black pepper

BLACK PEPPER essential oil

Piper nigrum - Plant Family: Piperaceae Black pepper Type of plant: Climbing, woody vine with dark-green leaves, small whiteflowers, and when mature, drupes of dark-red berries. The vine clings to

BASIL essential oil

Ocimum basilicum - Plant Family: Lamiaceae/Labiatae Type of plant: Bushy annual herb growing up to 2 feet high, with white, pink, or purple flower Part used: Leaves and flowering tops