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What Is Aromatherapy?

Welcome to the wonderful world of aromatherapy! This website is for beginners, as well as the seasoned Aromatherapists, and I want your experience with the amazing gifts of essential oils
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Benefits of Essential Oils

Perhaps you have already experienced the healing benefits of essential oils, or maybe you have a few friends who swear by them. Physical healing is just one powerful reason to
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Do Essential Oils Really Work?

Essential oils have recently received a lot of attention for their ability to help with everything from headaches to insomnia to sore throats. Do these concentrated plant-based oils, on the
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CITRONELLA essential oil

Cymbopogon nardus (Plant Family: Poaceae) Type of plant: Tall perennial grass with tufts of narrow fragrant leaves Part used: Leaves Method of extraction: Steam distillation Data: Citronella comes from the
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CARAWAY SEED essential oil

Carum carvi (Plant Family: Apiaceae/Umbelliferae) Type of plant: Flowering plant growing up to 2 feet in height, with feathery leaves and umbels of small white or pink flowers Part used:

CANANGA essential oil

Cananga odorata ct. macrophylla - plant family: Annonaceae Type of plant: Flowering tree growing to 50 feet with glossy leaves and large, fragrant yellow flowers Part used: Flowers Method of

CAMPHOR, WHITE essential oil

Cinnamomum camphora - Plant Family: Lauraceae Type of plant: Evergreen broadleaf tree growing to 100 feet with rough bark, glossy fragrant leaves, a profusion of white flowers, and black berries

CAJUPUT essential oil

Melaleuca cajuputi, M. leucadendron - Plant Family: Myrtaceae Type of plant: Tall evergreen flowering tree with gray, papery bark and white or green flower spikes Part used: Leaves and twigs
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How to buy quality essential oils

Since chemists can synthetically "copy" the constituents of pure essential oils, many companies mark their essential oils as "therapeutic" even though they buy them from various independent brokers and have