People will be able to treat most cases of stinging nettle rash with home treatments, which can usually relieve the symptoms within a few hours.

In some cases, stinging nettles may cause a severe allergic reaction, and a person will require immediate medical attention.

nettle rash

Treat nettle rash with essential oils

In this article, we look at the symptoms and at-home treatment of stinging nettle rash, as well as prevention tips and when to seek medical help.

Apply up to 2 undiluted drops of lavender over the stung area as soon as possible. As soon as you can, make up the following mixture and smooth it over any rash:

Basic blend

Lavender 5 drops
Chamomile roman 5 drops

Blend in 1 tablespoon (15 mL) of aloe vera gel or aloe vera liquid. Use enough to cover the affected area. Taking warm baths to which 1 handful of Epsom salts and 4 drops of chamomile roman have been added can calm any persistent rash.


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