The most important thing to remember when shopping for essential oils is the consistency of the items. Yet finding out which oils are the best is difficult, as there is no U.S. government agency that provides essential oils with a e grading system or certification. A big deal? Some companies say that their essential oils are “therapeutic grade,” but it’s just a term for marketing.

Unfortunately, there are lots of products you might find online or in stores that aren’t harvested correctly or may have something in them that isn’t listed on the label,


Here are some tips to help you shop for pure essential oils:

  1. Look at the label: It should include the Latin name of the plant, information on purity or other ingredients added to it, and the country in which the plant was grown.
  2. Evaluate the company: Purchase products from a well-known and reputable aromatherapy company that’s been around for several years.
  3. Choose dark-colored, glass containers: Pure essential oils are highly concentrated. They can dissolve plastic bottles over time, tainting the oil. Most companies package essential oils in small brown or blue glass bottles to protect the quality.
  4. Avoid “fragrance oils”: Fragrance or perfume oils are made from essential oils combined with chemicals or entirely from chemicals. They’re not suitable for aromatherapy — instead, look for bottles that contain a single essential oil in its purest form (100% essential oil with no other fillers).
  5. Compare prices: Essential oils range in price, depending on how involved harvesting and production are. Within a line, there should be a wide variety of prices — rose absolute or sandalwood oils will be more expensive, while sweet orange oil will be on the less expensive end. If you find a rock-bottom price for an expensive essential oil, it probably isn’t pure.

Essential oils will lift your mood with just a sniff of their scent, and make you feel good. They can also help certain people relieve the effects of various conditions. For more information about how to incorporate them into a balanced lifestyle, consult an expert about integrative medicine.

quality essential oil
quality essential oil

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