Typically, the abscess comes from a bacterial infection, often one which has accumulated in the tooth’s soft pulp.
There are bacteria in plaque, a by-product in the mouth of food, saliva, and bacteria that bind to the teeth and damage them and the gums.
If frequent and proper brushing and flossing does not remove the plaque, the bacteria can spread within the soft tissue of the tooth or gums. Eventually, this will result in an abscess.

dental abcess
Dental abscess 7


Signs and symptoms of a dental abscess include:

  • pain in the affected area when biting or when touching the affected area
  • sensitivity to cold or hot food and liquids
  • a foul taste in the mouth
  • fever
  • a generally unwell feeling
  • difficulties opening the mouth
  • swallowing difficulties
  • insomnia

Treatment for dental abscess with essential oils

Basic dental abscess blend

Put 1 drop of chamomile roman on a cotton ball and apply directly to the abscess. Also, rub the following oil around the external jaw and cheek area:

Lavender 3 drops
Tea tree 2 drops

Blend together and then dilute by adding 3–5 drops to each teaspoon (5 mL) of carrier oil. If you don’t want to use a carrier oil, the essential oils can be diluted in aloe vera gel.

Other Essential Oils That Could Be Used to Treat This Condition: lemon, geranium, chamomile roman, thyme linalol, *bergamot (Citrus bergamia), *myrrh (Commiphora myrrha), *chamomile german (Matricaria recutita), *basil linalol (Ocimum basilicum ct. linalool), *clove bud (Syzygium aromaticum)


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